Winter 2009-2010

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〔Last Updated Mar. 13, 2010〕

morning... (photo by nazuki)
12/02/2009 @somewhere in hokkaido

snowy road (photo by nazuki)
12/14/2009 @somewhere in hokkaido

frozen windows (photo by nazuki)
12/14/2009 @somewhere in hokkaido

3 sisters of blue mountains
01/28/2010 @ecoe point in australia

rain forest
01/28/2010 @scenic world in australia

he is tired...
01/28/2010 koala@featherdale wildlife park in australia

an old restaurant
01/28/2010 carrington place in australia

01/28/2010 darling harbour in sydney, australia

winter trees
02/25/2010 @somewhere in hokkaido


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